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My NYX Wishlist

So I’m sure by now that you all know about my total obsession with NYX makeup products.
So I decided that it might be fun to do a wishlist and show all the NYX products that I want to try at some point.

This might take awhile….so let’s hop right in.


Soft Matte Lip Cream in the shades: Tokyo, Addis Ababa, Sydney, and Cairo.

Butter Gloss in the shades: Eclair, Peaches and Cream, and Sugar Cookie.
I know, I know…how have I NOT tried the butter glosses yet?! Well…I haven’t. But I want to!


The Wicked Dreams Eyeshadow palette.

Vinyl Liquid Liner.
I already love my NYX Studio Liquid Liner…so I am curious about trying another liquid liner from NYX!

Slide On Pencil in the shades: Azure, Jet Black, Platinum, and Pink Suede.
I have such a weakness for eye pencils….

Doll Eye Mascara….because I’ve always wanted to be a Barbie Doll.

HD Studio Finishing Powder (because a nice finishing powder is a great thing to have on hand!)
Powder Blush in the shades: Peach, Rose Garden, and Flamingo

Matte and Dewey Finishing sprays
I just find these finishing sprays really fascinating….I just want to try them…

Highlight and Contour Pro Palette
This palette looks like the shades might work with my skintone….plus once  you run out, you can replace them with singles!

So that concludes my NYX makeup wishlist! If you have tried any of the items listed on here, please let me know what you think of them!

Until Next Time!
Peace, Love, and Glitter!


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