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25 Before 25 Tag!

So I saw that a blogger who I am following (V from Say Hello To Gorgeous –Go click that link to her blog!) did the 30 Before 30 tag…apparently it was the 25 Before 25 tag originally and she just changed it up a bit.

This seemed like a really neat tag to do, so I decided to fill out all twenty-five blank spaces with twenty-five random answers that I just pulled out of my random, scattered, brain. (It can be a crazy place to be!)

Let’s do this.

Obligatory Grown-Up Goals

1. Marry the man I love.

2. Get started on building a good, strong Catholic family. And not a small family…like a husband and wife and two kids….I mean a BIG FAMILY. Like the kind with eight or more kids who walk into a restaurant and everyone who sees them rolls their eyes and says “Oh no…here we go.”

3. Have a career that I love, yet can do from home (Uhmmm hullo, 8+ kids…obviously I wanna also be a stay at home mom…)

4. Have a nice house in the country.

5. Be financially stable.

The Places I Will Go

6. Cornwall, England.
More specifically, Port Issac. It’s the town where my favorite TV show (Doc Martin) is filmed and it is absolutely beautiful!

7. The Bahamas.
I want to go snorkeling in the turquoise blue waters and go diving for conchs.

8. Clouse Lane, Granville Ohio.
This road was named after my family, and my Great-Grandmother and my Grandmother were born and raised there and my Mom had many happy summers there growing up.

9. Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.
It looks nice, and I just want to go check it out!

10. Ocean City Maryland.
Uhmmmm I live in Maryland for Pete’s sake! I’ve only been to OC once….and I don’t remember any of it cause I was too young. I want to go there and remember the trip!

Health and Wellness

11. I want to find more alternative corn-free eating options.

12. I want to get my acne under control. (That would make my life fabulous!)

13. I want to have my knee heal up from the injury I suffered a few years ago so that I won’t be in pain when I do strenuous activity.


14. I want to read the Complete Works of Sherlock Holmes.

15. I want to read all of Shakespeare’s plays. I’m about 3/4 of the way there!

16. I want to re-read The Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne. It was an awesome book. I read it in the 11th grade.


17. I’d like to go totally blonde…not orange blonde like I am now…but totally BLONDE. And I’d like to do it on my own.

18. I want to work at a pitbull rescue.

19. Continuing along with pitbulls, I’d like to adopt the three ugliest (but sweetest) pits I can find and name them Creature, Alien, and Monster.

20. I’d like to get a really really nice tan without going to a tanning salon.

21. I’d like to get my contact lens prescription refilled so that I don’t always have to wear glasses.

22. I’d like to learn how to apply acrylic nails.

23. I’d like to own several horses and chickens and goats.

24. I’d like to have the children’s books that I have been working on for years finally get published.

25. I’d like to get a Ford 4-250 pickup truck and a Hummer.


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