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The Maize Door Candles

 Hi all!
So I’m sure you all know that I love candles. I love the beautiful glow they cast over a room, and the lovely scents that many of them have.
Today I am going to be talking about two candles that I received from the shop The Maize Door.
This shop is an online shop from Australia that sells handpoured, soy wax candles in a variety of scents.

The two scents that I got were Pomegranate Vanilla and Cotton Candy.

Let’s start with the Pomegranate Vanilla candle.
When I opened the package, this poor candle didn’t make it in one piece. 😦 The container had been broken in transit (WHY IS IT ALWAYS MY PACKAGES USPS?!!) Of course I was heartbroken and was trying to pick up the remnants of my good feeling about the candles as I was cleaning up the shards of glass when my Mom came in and said “The candle is in one piece…the container isn’t…let’s just put it in a glass dish so we can light it.”

YAY for motherly ingenuity! So here is what we did with the candle…
 Both Mom and I thought that this was a cool look….and the candle still smelled amazing! The two scents of Pomegranate and Vanilla made a warm and fruity smell that really filled the room. I loved the smell of this candle and so did my Mom and my boyfriend. I’ve rarely smelled a fruit scented candle that is paired with vanilla. It’s a great combination:)

Now onto the cotton candy candle. This candle arrived in one piece (go figure, but at least I can comment on the glass container!) I love the cute little container. I love how there is a lid on the container. Once I use up this candle, I will clean out the container and fill it up with something makeup related for my bathroom makeup display. (It might fit q-tips…)The candle really does smell like cotton candy. I would know. My town has a carnival kind of day every spring and you can get cotton candy there…we also have a fair in the summer….so I know what cotton candy smells like!
I keep this candle in my house’s family room, and whenever people come in and we have the candle lit, they always mention it favorably. One of my friends just stood next to it for a good three minutes just smelling it and saying “Oh that smells awesome…”
I give this candle a big thumbs up! I really love it! Plus it’s pink…that’s always something that I like to point out!   All in all, despite the broken glass container on the Pomegranate Vanilla candle, I was very pleased with these candles! The scents are some of the nicest that I have smelled recently, and I highly recommend this shop if you are a big candle fan like I am. (Also they have 17 different scents to choose from!)

So thank you all for reading!
Until Next Time!
Peace, Love and Glitter!
❤ XOXO ❤

The Maize Door Online Shop
Small Handmade Soy Candles
Large Handmade Soy Candles
The Maize Door FB Page


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