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The ever growing charm bangle collection 

Hello everybody! I’m back! I didn’t forget you guys over this weekend!
As you all know by now, I am a huge fan of the Alex and Ani style bracelets but don’t want to be wearing an item that a lot of people will have. I like original and handmade items.

So I added to my adjustable bangle collection today with two beautiful pieces from Life Pop Designs.   

When I received my two bracelets, they came in two boxes like this….I love the red boxes! They are so cute!  The bracelets also came with instructions on how to care for them so that they will not tarnish (they are sterling silver), and how to treat them if they tarnish.

The first bracelet that I opened was this silver bangle with a four leaf clover charm, a green crystal charm, and an engraved charm with an A on it. I thought that this was a fitting bracelet for my family’s Irish heritage:) Plus, I always am in need of good luck!


The other bracelet I picked because I love everything about the sea, especially going beach-combing! This bracelet, like the other one, has an engraved A charm on it, along with a charm made out of a piece of seaglass, a shell charm, and a starfish charm! my best friend saw this bracelet and immediately blurted out “I LOVE IT! That’s my favorite!”

Look at the detailing on the starfish and the shell! Isn’t that just awesome!

I really love these bracelets. They are very sturdy feeling, and are made out of good quality materials. I know that I will have these bracelets for years to come! And each bracelet has a story behind it. These are bracelets that I will love to pass onto my children in the future!

LifePop Designs also has graduation bracelets for sale now, and I think that they would make a fantastic gift for any graduate! I so wish I was graduating this year (sigh….if only I had known about this shop in 2013!)  They also sell bracelets with charms for swimmers, swim moms, dance, gymnastics, cheerleading (which is a big deal where I live!) music, drama, the arts, Moms, Grandmas, sports moms, brides, anniversary’s…the list continues on and on and I haven’t even mentioned that they have necklaces and cell phone dust plugs too!

So go check out LifePop Designs! 🙂

I also wish to apologize for taking so long to get this post up. This weekend was filled to the brim with an emergency ant infestation in my family’s kitchen, a Baptism, and a lot of other stuff! I am glad though that I was able to get a few minutes to write this up…I have been looking forward to reviewing these bracelets since I got them!

I hope you all had a fabulous weekend!
Until Next Time!

Peace, Love, and Glitter!
❤ XOXO ❤


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