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Glamour by the River’s Edge

 I recently received a bracelet from the company River’s Edge Creations to review on my blog.

We will start with the first thing that I noticed…..Are you guys sensing a dragonfly theme here? I love dragonflys a lot, and they fit perfectly with the name of the shop!
The bracelet that I got looks like this…..  It is an adjustable charm bracelet that is very similar to the style of Alex and Ani bracelets. While I don’t have anything against Alex and Ani bracelets, I like to have bracelets that are different from bracelets that everyone else has, plus I am addicted to the stacking wire charm bracelets.

The bracelet that I picked out to review has three large charms on it: an angel wing, a hand-stamped charm that says TRUST on it (which is a very important word to me and carries a lot of meaning) and a beautiful Swarovski gem that was almost impossible to photograph, since it is different colors in different light.
I think that these three charms really work well together. I also like how they are contained within the two adjustable loops of the bracelet, so that they don’t travel all around the bracelet while I am wearing it.

There is also a tiny little charm that is outside of the contained area where the three larger charms are. This charm is a tiny little envelope with a heart peeking out of it, and on the back of the envelope are the words “MADE WITH LOVE”.
  Isn’t that just so precious?! I really love tiny little charms…I think that they are so cute!One thing that I would like to point out is that these bracelets are really affordable, being priced at only $18 for a bracelet like the one I have.
So if you are looking for unique bracelets of this style, definitely look into River’s Edge Creations.(The link will be below!)

Rivers Edge Creations

Until next time!

Peace, Love, and Glitter!

❤ XOXO ❤


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