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Revenge of the Nerd (Zelda Style)   

“Hey! Are you listening?!”

“It’s dangerous to go alone!”

“Can Hyrule’s destiny really depend on such a lazy boy?!”

(If you ever found Navi a tad annoying, then you are not alone.)

I am a huge fan of The Legend of Zelda so I was really excited to get a shirt from LonLonLady and the awesome thing is that a trip to Lon Lon Ranch in Hyrule is not needed in order to find cool Zelda gear. (But let’s admit it…Lon Lon Ranch only sold milk and the occasional empty bottle…nothing as cool as this shop!)

Here we see Link in the fields of Lon Lon ranch looking around with Ezlo

A shirt that states the cold hard truth.

GIRLS PLAY ZELDA TOO t-shirt from the Etsy shop LonLonLady

I actually do play The Legend of Zelda video games (my favorite being The Minish Cap!) and I love everything about them….I will be the first to admit that I like slashing bushes with my sword to unearth rupees and extra hearts, and I also like making the Gorgon hurl up a shield…

Two thumbs up for this awesome shirt!

I love to surprise the guys at Gamestop with my vast knowledge of the Zelda-sphere (as I call it.) I plan on wearing this tee-shirt the next time I go to Gamestop. Maybe that will cue the guys there to the fact of my nerdiness before I start to talk.  I love the fit of this tee shirt (I ordered a small) and the fact that it is PINK!!!! I also really love how it has the TriForce symbol emblazoned across the front, because something isn’t officially The Legend of Zelda unless it has Link on it, or the TriForce symbol. The material is fairly stretchy and, though it is lightweight, it feels very durable and like it will hold up well.
LonLonLady also has men’s shirts available, as well as other tops for women and has a few items for sale that are not Zelda related, but still are Nintendo/video game related, so they are still uber-cool!

If you are a video gamer like me, I would definitely suggest that you go check out LonLonLady on Etsy!(click that link!) If you are looking for clothing that shows off your love for The Legend Zelda, then this is the place for you!

Until Next Time!

Peace, Love, and Glitter!

❤ XOXO ❤

I feel as though an orchestral version of the game’s theme is in order….Enjoy!


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