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Manicure Monday: Anchors Away!

   So my Manicure Monday nails are from the shop Island Nail Design which is located in Canada. This is a new shop, so I was eager to review and feature the shop’s products on my blog! Hopefully we can help get this business started nicely:)    Here is the link to her shop: Island Nail Design

And the link to her Facebook page! Island Nail Design FB Page  The first thing I would love to say about these nails is AHOY!
In case you couldn’t tell, these nails are very nautical and preppy!:)
I come from an area where boating is BIG DEAL, and I have gotten sooooo many comments and questions about “I love your nails! Where did you get them?”
I am not surprised at all by these comments. These nails are perfect for anyone who lives in the Annapolis area (or anywhere in Maryland where there is water, for that matter!)I was planning on wearing the thumbnail with the anchor design on it, but my thumb nails were too small to fit those nails, so I just wore the bigger striped ones instead. All these nails are handpainted, which is quite impressive in my opinion, because all the stripes on these nails are perfect.

My only comment on these nails is that they come on a nail strip, and each nail is a different size, so  you have to do a bit of re-sizing of the nails on at least one of your hands. It didn’t take me too long to get them all sized right for my freakishly small nails, and I have had them on for three days now, and they’re still holding up great (they also came with nail glue for any nails that might decide to fall off.) Another nice thing is that the little studs have not fallen off. I have had issues with studs or rhinestones falling off of my nails before, so I am very pleased that these studs have stayed put so well!

 These are really nice nails, and I would definitely recommend this shop to anyone looking for some cute nails…(there is a pair of french tip nails with little black bows painted on them that I have my eye on!)

So I hope you will go check out Island Nail Design…there are a bunch of fun nails to choose from!

Until next time!

Peace, Love, and Glitter!

❤ XOXO ❤


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