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Carrying My Makeup In Style

I am one of those people who likes to carry every single type of makeup product with her when she goes out. You name it, I bring it with me, and NO I was not a Girl Scout in case you were wondering…BE PREPARED is only my motto when it comes to leaving the house with makeup.
The problem that keeps arising for me however, is that I cannot find a makeup bag that will hold everything that I want to bring with me.
That problem was solved a few days ago when I got my makeup bag from Designs By Dragon Lily.

I was sent this precious My Little Pony makeup bag! If ya’ll know me, then you know by now that I love My Little Pony.   This bag really does the job for me. It’s a nice sturdy bag made out of material that is not at all flimsy. It is also nicely sewn together with clean seam-work, and nice thick quilted fabric on the inside.
Plus, I love the design of the fabric! Obviously, I love the fact that it’s My Little Pony, but I also love the color combination. Most MLP fabrics try to incorporate every pony’s color into the fabric, but this fabric doesn’t do that. I really love the pink, white, purple and black….it’s so different from most of the crazy rainbow MLP fabrics I have seen. 

It also holds a lot of stuff. Shown in this photo is only a small sampling of what I can hold in this bag.
1 tube of foundation, 1 EOS Lip balm, 1 lip liner pencil, 2 lipsticks, 1 Physicians Formula Blush, and 1 sample size eyeshadow.
I was also able to stick my iPhone charger and two nail polishes as well. Another note I would like to make is that this bag also comes in many different fabric prints (Batman, cute owls, chevron, skulls, camo, Doctor Who, Hello Kitty, Star Wars, etc.) , so if you do not like MLP like I do, but you do like the bag’s shape and storage capabilities, then there are other options. So go check out Designs By Dragon Lily–just click that link below:)

Designs by Dragon Lily

Until Next Time!

Peace, Love, and Glitter!

❤ XOXO ❤


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