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CherBear Phone Case Review

 Yesterday I got my phone case from CherBearPhoneCases in the mail. It took me a second to realize who it was from, but as soon as I saw the Hello Kitty stickers on the bubble mailer, I got it!

I have seen many reviews online for this shop on Youtube (Manda31409 has made several review videos for this shop!), and I was privileged to be permitted to review one of Cheri’s cases.

The level of bling and detail that Cheri puts into every single case that she makes is outstanding. She does not fail to cover every inch of whatever surface she is working on with bling. 

I received a blinged out Hello Kitty iPhone 4/4S case to review, and I was blown away with it. Hello Kitty’s face is totally covered in rhinestones, the decoden pieces all fit together perfectly, and there is a wide range of sizes of pearls and rhinestones covering the body of the case.   
As you can see, even the sides of the case are covered in pearls.

Cheri also blings out other items besides phone cases. She also has tablet covers, styluses, mirror compacts, lip gloss compacts, credit card holders, and little trinket boxes. She truly is a pro at what she does. I am planning at some point on sending her a plastic My Little Pony figure to see if she can work it onto a phone case. (If you have been around my blog or Youtube channel for any amount of time now, you probably know that I love My Little Pony and Hello Kitty!) I also know that she is really willing to work with people to make custom cases, so she can work pretty much any item onto a case.
I love how this bow matches the black and white on Hello Kitty’s face….it helps tie the whole case together!

Cheri sent me links to her Storenvy shop, her Twitter, IG and Youtube channel. I especially like how she has a Youtube channel, where she shows off the cases she is working on, because she said that a photo never truly does the case justice. It needs to be moved around so that it can glitter and show off all it’s bling!
Here are the links:

CherBear Twitter
CherBear IG
CherBear Youtube

I also made a review video on my Youtube channel, so if you want to see the sparkle that this case has to offer, go check it out!

I love this case. It is so beautiful, and I know I will enjoy having it on my phone!
I hope you all have had a great weekend:)

Thanks for reading!

Until next time!
Peace, Love, and Glitter!

❤ XOXO ❤


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