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Marie Nohr Designs Shop Review

So today I am going to review the online shop Marie Nohr Designs.
I was planning to get this post up LAST WEEK but I needed my Mom to help me with the photos but we were both stuck with crazy work schedules…so I had to wait. Til today. And we had gorgeous warm weather today so taking the photos was a joy!
So let’s get into this shop….

Ya’ll know how I always take pictures of the business card if I can….I really love the little bird on this card:) i have a thing for spring-like designs…So so pretty!

Now on to the first item…numero uno.

The Mexican Blanket Duster CardiganThis is such a fun cardigan! I love the Mexican print on the back of the cardi….I also like how the colorful material on the back comes onto the shoulders a little bit so that you can see the material on the front part of the cardigan as well as the back.Selfie!! I wanted to take a photo of the back of the sweater myself…

I love the drapey front of this sweater….it’s a style that I have always been attracted to, and I think it looks nice on me as well.
This is the ideal spring sweater, because it’s lightweight, flowey (is that even a real word?), and also has bright vibrant colors!Here’s the back of the sweater (AGAIN)
It’s only hiked up in the back because it was kind of windy today….otherwise, it lays flat.

Now onto the second item!

The Floral TShirt 
This is, like the cardigan, a PERFECT piece for spring! It’s made of a lightweight material and has a lovely spring pattern on it (hmmmm kind of looks like my blogs header–doesn’t it?)

And here is a closeup of the material (which I totally LOVE!) I have always been a huge fan of pink roses on a blue background. I’m hoping to maybe get some bedding with this type of pattern on it…I think that this would look pretty with an oatmeal colored cardigan for days where the weather is a tad on the chilly side.

All in all, I like these two items very much and am excited to have such unique items in my wardrobe for this spring!
That’s the cool thing about this shop–the items are indeed unique. They aren’t items that you see all over the place. This shop also has a large selection of maternity/nursing clothes, so if you are expecting a little one (or already have had a little one!) check out this shop for maternity clothes.

If you are curious about checking out this shop (which I suggest that you do as spring gets even closer!) here is the link!
Marie Nohr Designs

So I hope that spring gets here permanently so that I can wear these two pieces more often:)

Until Next Time!
Peace, Love, and Glitter!
❤ XOXO ❤


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