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Questions from Liebster Award from AndersonEverAfter

I got nominated by AndersonEverAfter for this award! I have been nominated already, but find it to be common courtesy to answer the questions that are asked of me! (Plus I like to answer questions…I think it’s fun!)
So go check out AndersonEverAfter.
She has a really nice blog that I am always happy to read!

Here were the questions (with my answers!)

1. what is your favorite thing to blog about?

That’s hard…..I love to blog about pretty much everything! I guess I really like to blog about small shops and items that they have….I’ve been doing a bunch of feature and review posts recently, and have found that I really like doing them.

2. what kind of posts do you dislike the most?

UNBACKED RANTS. I hate reading someone’s complaints when there is nothing to back up the complaint. I really cannot stand those kinds of posts..Like if someone spews off on someone at a store who was rude, please explain WHY you are mad at them….don’t just say things like “SO RUDE! I hate people! Uhgg!” and then not give a reason for why that person upset you. Please keep it fact based and don’t just complain to get a reaction.

3. what is the very first thing you do in the morning?

Can you say curse at my phone alarm? Just kidding…sort of. But in all reality I’d have to say COFFEE.
4. what movie can you watch over & over and never get tired of it?

Finding Nemo….I seriously have no idea why, but I love that movie to death….
5. where do you see yourself in 10 years?

I want to see myself still blogging, raising a family, living on a farm with horses and lots of pets and a big garden full of fresh veggies, and maybe working as a freelance beauty columnist? That’d be cool.
6. where would you go for your dream vacation?

I want to go to the Bahamas! I really want to go snorkeling in the pretty turquoise blue waters and see all the wildlife! (Ties in a tad with Finding Nemo, even though that was in Australia…)

7. what is a weird quirk that you have?

I know I do some weird things….I hum to myself sometimes (my inner life soundtrack makes it’s way out of my mouth sometimes, and I talk to myself while I am shopping for clothes and makeup (“Oh that’s a pretty color…but so is that…hmmm…okay which one do I want MORE?”)

Here is the end of the questions.
I had a fun time answering them!

I’m going to link my first Liebster award post to this post, so you guys can see the questions I asked in that one….then if you feel like answering, please do, and link my blog if you choose to answer! 🙂 So basically I tag ANYONE READING THIS! (That means YOU! Yes, YOU!)

Until next time!
Peace, Love, and Glitter!

❤ XOXO ❤


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