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Manicure Monday

Today’s Manicure Monday was provided by the online shop Once Upon A Nail. 

This shop has a big selection of hand-painted nails and I got a pair of black stiletto nails with a beautiful gold mosaic design on the fourth fingers.
The reason this shop probably got it’s name is because a number of the nail sets are Disney themed! (Minnie Mouse nails, Little Mermaid nails, Cinderella nails, Frozen nails, the list goes on!)

So the nails came in this precious little box with possibly the most elegant business card I have ever laid eyes on….seriously….it’s so pretty, delicate, and feminine! Here’s the back side of the card–with photos of nail designs done by the shops owner! I find that to be a fantastic form of advertising! I definitely want to get another pair of nails one day from this shop! 🙂 So here are the nails! I really love how shiny the black polish is on them. If I rub them with a dry cloth, I can see my own reflection in them….that’s high shine for you!
I have this new obsession with stiletto/claw nails, and these are sooooo awesome! Check out the mosiac detailing on the fourth finger….it is so pretty!Pretty, right?
I am very very curious as to how exactly the mosaic design was made….it sort of looks like tiny pieces of gold foil that have been sealed onto the nail…I find this design to be so elegant, yet not over powering like some nail decorations can be…

And because I LOVE both the nails and business card, I took a photo of both:)

I am really loving these nails…I can work in them easily, I haven’t stabbed myself with them yet, they go with every outfit, and they are super beautiful!
I really hope you guys go check out Once Upon A Nail at some point!

Until Next Time,

Peace, Love, and Glitter!

❤ XOXO ❤


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