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UPDATE: MAC Lipstick–What Really Happened: Allergic Reaction

Hey all. I just wanted to make this a real fast post, since it’s really late.

It finally hit me what was wrong with my MAC Fleshpot lipstick (besides being really dry.)

I’m allergic to it.

Yup. Allergic.

I have a rather severe corn allergy. I was talking to one of my friends about the awful experience I had with the MAC lipstick (burning, dry, irritated, itchy lips) and he just said, point blank, “Is there corn in it?”

That got me thinking, so I Googled it, and with a bit of research I found that, sure enough–MAC Satin and Matte finish lipsticks (along with a whole slew of other MAC products) have corn in them.

Yes, I’m disappointed by this discovery, but now I know NOT to get anymore Satin finish MAC lipsticks. I also contacted customer service and will be getting a refund.

So I guess it was just me and my weird, freaky allergy!


Just wanted to update you guys.

Until next time,

Peace, Love, and Glitter!

❀ XOXO ❀


6 thoughts on “UPDATE: MAC Lipstick–What Really Happened: Allergic Reaction

  1. I have a few MAC lipsticks and can wear them with no problem. I just purchased the MAC Mehr which is a matte lipstick. I noticed my lips started peeling and feeling like they were windburned. I was curious if certain MAC lipsticks were causing anyone else problems. I found your website and got my answer. I am allergic to corn as well, so this info you listed helped solve the problem with the lipstick. Thanks!

    1. I’m so glad this helped you! It is a bummer that some lipsticks have corn in them….corn is just such an unexplored allergy. Hopefully awareness will be raised more and more overtime! Thanks for your input:)

    2. yes the same has happened to me not a aware i have a corn allergy but the mac lipsticks have burnt my lips so much

    3. Thank you for this.
      MAC lipstick makes my lips dry out, peel and have a burning sensation after several applications … not after the first one. I was so disappointed as I had finally found two colours, one day, one night that suited my pale complexion.
      Do not buy this without a tester for at least 3 applications. I applied 12 hours ago and my lips are still burning even after applying applying plenty and regularly lip balm.

  2. I purchased the same lipstick Mehr a few months back. I was getting this weird lip infection and thought that’s odd I never really get lip infections except for the normal dry lips here and there. So after having to go to my doctor because I needed prescription to help calm my lips… I weaned off Mac lipsticks all at once, which by the way are matt finish (my preference)… And today I decided I’m going to put a Mac color on and boom, that sensation of my lips burning a little is back… Now I’m thinking it’s devastating if I have to stop wearing Mac lip colors which I love 😦

  3. I have a sesame seed allergy along with the corn allergy. Some of MAC’s lipstick contain sesame seed oil like Twig. The sesame oil in lipsticks make my lips have the windburned effect and peel as well. There are several drugstore brands and department store brands that contain this ingredient. If you have problems with lips peeling and/or burning, check the ingredients for sesame seed oil.

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