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On this, my sister’s birthday….

On this, my little sister’s birthday, I look back fondly at our almost 5 years of friendship.

Regina isn’t my biological sister, but we are so close that we say that we are indeed sisters.AnnaRegina summer 100_5503She is the only person who allows me to judge her outfit selection without getting too offended (and vice versa!)

She has supported me in some of my biggest life moments (my High School graduation and my job as a 2nd Grade Teachers Assistant for example…)

We’ve helped each oher through breakups, dating, and a whole slew of other stuff.

We have more inside jokes than we can count, share a mutual admiration for anyone who like Sasquatch, have a ton of stories about random adventures we have been on (biking along a busy road during rush hour during rush hour so I could get Rita’s Italian ice) and have had more laughs at everyday objects (such as a Brita water pitcher or a church hymnal) than we care to count.

best friends.jpg croppedthey see us rollin' they be hatingWe also can fit each others clothes and shoes PERFECTLY. It’s so fabulous that it’s not even funny. We also love to go window shopping, and we trade fashion and makeup advice a lot:)

AnnaRegina at beach1

We also take awesome selfies.Β 
Anna and Regina 2k14We also both developed allergies at approximately the same time (she has a very sensitive stomach and is on the GAPS diet, and I suffer from a severe corn allergy) so we both have rather limited diets and can commiserate with each other when we are having “bummer” days.

She’s super funny, sweet, and loving, and helps me keep me head screwed on. I swear, if it wasn’t for her, sometimes I think I’d just leave my head somewhere…

I just hope she enjoys her 19th year of life here on planet earth, and I hope she has a fantastic rest of her life. A person as good as her deserves that.

Happy birthday Rigipuff!





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