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SHOP REVIEW: North Star Pendants

I know it’s no surprise that I love to feature local online shops.

So on this snowy day, I am going to be featuring a company that I ran across while I was in Dear Annie Boutique in Annapolis.

North Star Pendants

(click the link above ^^^^^ to go to their Etsy shop and see all their products!)3 pendants

This shop has a wide variety of pendants to choose from (seriously, if you have problems making decisions, you will have a really hard time. Trust me.) Also, if you are a literary nerd, then you should definitely look into these pendants, as a large number of them have quotes from books on them. North Star Pendants was even featured in a Buzzfeed article, (I’m adding the link to the article…check out #29 to see the necklace that they featured!)

Is This A Jewelry Box Or A Library Buzzfeed

I picked two necklaces and a bracelet, and the shop’s owner sent me a bonus necklace to review! I got my order very quickly, and all the items came in little cute mini boxes with the shop’s logo on the boxes. I loved the presentation! So cute!north star box

The first pendant that I picked out has a literary quote on it. . . .it’s a quote from “A Midsummer Nights Dream” by Shakespeare! I really love this quote….I’m kind of on the short end of things in the height department, and I took an entire course in Shakespeare in my senior year of high school. The chain was 24 inches with an antique bronze finish.shakespeare pendant

I also got a pendant with three little birds on it (I look at it as a reference to my Grandma, my Mom, and myself!) Plus, the blue color of the pendant is really really pretty:) The chain on this necklace was also 24 inches with a bright silver finish.bird pendant

Jessica (the shop’s owner) also has started a “mini” line of pendants that are smaller than her regular pendants (her regular pendants are 1 inch in diameter–these are only 1/2 inch in diameter). She sent me one to feature on here:) I love the cherry blossom pattern on it….it is absolutely perfect for spring. The chain on this necklace was shorter than the other two–it was only 16 inches long, which makes is suitable for shirts with lower necklines (the longer chains tend to get tucked behind low necklines!)mini cherry blossom pendant

The final item I got was a bracelet– I love this style of bangle. Plus, the charm has an A on it! 🙂 You can also get charms added with Swarovski birthstone elements if you want more bling and you can get the letter on the charm customized. There are also charms that you can have a personal photo added to! I find that to be sooooo cool! north star bangle

I love my necklaces and bracelet. I hope to get a few more bracelets from North Star Pendants soon! 🙂 These items really can be a conversation piece!

So Until Next Time,

Peace, Love, and Glitter!

❤ XOXO ❤


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