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OOTD+Etsy Shop Review

So today’s Sunday OOTD includes my new skirt that I got from the etsy shop Where Black Sheep Meet. This shop carries handmade, custom sized Lolita skirts and other items (like headbands, and dresses!) The two items I got from this shop are the Marie Antoinette Lolita skirt and Batman Bow Headband. Both of these items are of impeccably fantastic quality. I’m going to now show off some pictures of both items:) Let’s start with the skirt….

I was blown away by the perfect finishing on the skirt! Even skirts I have from Macy’s aren’t this well finished! (Round of applause for the seams on this skirt!)

I just love how this skirt isn’t too short and it’s made from a material that isn’t flimsy and lightweight. This skirt was made to hold up well. I give this skirt two thumbs up! If I had more thumbs, I’d give it more thumbs up!

On to the Batman headband…(start humming the Batman theme here.)

I’m addicted to Batman. I’ve seen all the movies, donned Batman themed costumes for Halloween, and have the theme song as my ringtone.

I just love how big the bow is! It makes me feel like I’m some sort of anime character! And to all those people who might say “Would you seriously wear that headband out in public??!” Here is my answer.


You clearly aren’t a fan of anything or you would understand.

I’m really happy with these items. Ariana, the shop owner sent me a the package tracking code when she shipped the package to me so that I could track the package. I found this to be fantastic customer service. Also, she sent me a coupon code to put up on this post so that if ya’ll go to her shop to get anything (which I seriously hope you guys do!) you can get a small 5% discount on your purchase.

So here is the link to her etsy shop:

Where Black Sheep Meet Etsy Shop

Coupon Code (Good til June 1, 2015) ANNAH5

I really hope you guys go check out her shop! I’m very very happy with the products I received! 🙂

Until next time!

Peace, Love, and Glitter!

❤ XOXO ❤


4 thoughts on “OOTD+Etsy Shop Review

    1. Hmmm…I’m not sure of any other etsy shops that sell Lolita skirts…you could always contact the owner of the shop I got my skirt from and see if she could make one to fit you–I’m not are if she could or not but it’s worth contacting her and asking!

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