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Warm winter candles: Annapolis Candle

This winter we got way more snow than we did last winter….it sure makes things cold and dreary and pretty darn miserable! Thankfully I got some stuff to melt my winter blues away (sound too corny? I thought so.) I got a package of four candles from Annapolis Candle–a local business here in Maryland that sells hand poured, soy wax, lead free wick candles in a variety of scents! It’s a nice break from the world of Yankee Candle. I love supporting local businesses, it’s something that I firmly believe in.

So I was so happy when I got my package in the mail last week. I waited to write this post so that I could test all four candles out (3 samplers and 1 regular size candle.) I would also like to point out that the matchboxes that came with the candles are sooooo adorable! All the packaging represents Annapolis so perfectly:)

So the samplers I got are as follows:

Pink sky: grapefruit, white tea and ginger

Bay Breeze: not sure the exact smell but it’s airy and floral scented.

Cinnamon And Vanilla: DUHHHH

The thing I like about the samplers is that they fill the room with fragrance but it isn’t overpowering and unpleasant. One house guest asked me how such a wonderful aroma came from such a small candle….

As for the regular size candle, I love it. Smooth Sailing is a vanilla candle with a mild hint of strawberry…yes strawberry! I’ve had this one in my room the past few days and I cannot get enough of it. However I replaced it with Pink Sky today and I’m loving that too!

Something else that I would like to point out about these candles is that they are all white. I like that because it means that they will match most decor.

So basically my room smells awesome, I’ve found my new favorite candles, and you need to go check out their site and get some of these candles. I hope to go visit the owners soon to see how they make these candles!:) I will definitely be blogging about that!

So until next time!

Peace, Love, and Glitter!

❤ XOXO ❤


Annapolis Candle Website

Annapolis Candle Etsy Page


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