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Random fact about my nails: NAIL GROWTH

So as you all know I had a set of fake nails on for a little while. I took them off last night because I broke one nail by accident while cleaning my room (an odd scenario occurred in which my finger got smashed into the side of a bookshelf.) All my other nails had gotten pretty ratty from doing the dishes (I tend to use a scrub bud and they tear up my manicures really badly.) So I tearfully bid my fake nails goodbye and removed them (I did manage to save the pinkie nails–so I might reuse them at some point!)

After the nails had been removed, I took a look at my real nails which had been hibernating under the fake nails for a little over a week. They were noticeably longer than when I had first put the fake nails on.

Now please understand this; my fingernails grow at a ridiculously SLOW pace. I could wait for months and not see any signs of growth. My understanding of nail glue was that it is bad for real nails….but I’m thinking that the glue actually strengthened my real nails, and, with the combined protection of the fake nails over-top of them, allowed them to grow without being damaged by any outside causes (such as scrub buds.)

I seriously can’t explain this phenomenon. (I sound like I’m talking about Bigfoot or aliens or the Loch Ness monster or something, don’t I?) But having my real nails actually grow is kind of a big deal for me. So I’m happy.

If you guys have had anything like this happen, let me know!

Until next time!
Peace, Love, and Glitter!

❀ XOXO ❀


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