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M.A.C versus NYX


If you are a M.A.C Cosmetics purist, you might not want to read this. If you like M.A.C but also like other brands, please read this. If you like NYX Makeup products, read this.

This might seem like a harsh post coming from me. It really might since I tend to like to post things with a  more positive spin.

I hate my MAC Fleshpot lipstick.

There. I said it.

(**Gives huge sigh of relief, then braces for hate comments.**)

Never in my life have I had lipstick that is so cakey and drying and blotchy on my lips. Never. It’s really shocking to me, since I’ve heard such positive reviews of MAC lipstick. Maybe it’s just the certain type of lipstick finish. Maybe I shouldn’t use the more matte MAC lipsticks. Maybe they’re just like that.

I’m really loving my NYX Butter Lipsticks instead. I picked up a nude pink shade yesterday called Hubba Bubba (think of a cotton candy pink color) and I love it. Unlike my MAC Fleshpot, it’s smooth, not gummy, and doesn’t clump up on my lips funny. Plus the color looks nicer with my skin tone than my MAC Fleshpot. I also love my NYX Butter Lipstick in Fizzies (which is a coral red color.) Again, it’s smooth, silky, and feels hydrating on my lips.

Is there something wrong with my particular MAC lipstick? Are all MAC lipsticks like mine?

If you have MAC lipstick let me know. And if you have any of the NYX Butter Lipsticks, let me know what shade is your personal favorite! (Yay for group participation!)

Until next time,

Peace, Love and Glitter!
❤ XOXO ❤


9 thoughts on “M.A.C versus NYX

  1. No it’s the MAC. My first MAC lipstick was matte also (Taupe) and it’s such a pretty color. But once I put it on, my lips instantly became as dry as the Death Valley desert!!! No matter how much/type of lip balm I use, it’s like instant chap on lips

    1. Yes exactly! I’ve tried every lip balm I own….it chapped my lips so badly that I had to go get some Blistex to heal them….it’s a bummer cause MAC has such pretty colors, are their other lipstick finishes the same way?

    1. Oohhh awesome! I’ve been curious about those, but was worried about the dry factor, so I’m happy to know otherwise!:) I’ll definitely get some to test out! Thanks!

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