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Makeup look of the day

So I decided to play around with some of my moms red lipstick. I know this makes me sound like I’m four again, but I actually have never owned any red lipstick, and since I’m so desperate to get some lipstick from MACs Toledo collection, and red lipstick is a key piece of that collection I decided to see if red lipstick looks good on me.

The verdict? Well I think it looks ok. Y’all can decide for yourselves. πŸ™‚
Until next time.
Peace Love and Glitter
❀ XOXO ❀


3 thoughts on “Makeup look of the day

  1. Looks good! Hard to tell with the picture but it seems to be blue toned and so does your skin. Plus you have a clear complexion which looks good with the bright color.

    1. I think my hoodie was messing with the color a bit which would create a blue tone (that blue tone kept showing up in all the photos I took, which was very annoying). But my pale skin does lend itself to looking pretty nice with red. Thanks:)

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