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MAC Cosmetics Collections

So MAC had a photo on their Instagram page today about their new collection that will be released in March–Disney Cinderella.

Of course I was excited. I love the idea of MAC doing a Disney movie makeup collection. I wasn’t a huge fan of their collection that they released for the movie Maleficent, but I am head over heels in love with this Cinderella collection. The colors are actually colors that I want to add to my collection–light flesh tones. Very natural.
Now on the flip side of this natural coin, I am also obsessing over the MAC Toledo collection. The black and white and red packaging is really my style–I wear a lot of black, white and red on a daily basis, so this collection would fit in perfectly with me. I’m sorry that I am using a stock image of this collection, but I went to my local MAC store and the display collection was really sad looking…all dirty and fingerprinted.


The colors in this collection are really fun too, and would easily fulfill any makeup junkies dream for wild fun pops of color!
So are you looking forward to the new Disney Cinderella collection release? And if you have any pieces from the Toledo collection, let me know what you think!
Until next time,
Peace Love and Glitter!
❀ XOXO ❀


6 thoughts on “MAC Cosmetics Collections

    1. Same here! When I saw this, I literally started to scream haha never been so excited for a collection in my life

      1. Hahaha I wasn’t a fan of the sephora Cinderella collection (I believe it was sephora) but I loved the perfume bottle that was a carriage. So I’m super excited for this! I also love that it’s neutral!

      2. I know which collection you’re talking about and I’m thinking it was sephora too. And that perfume bottle was beyond pretty! But the MAC collection has more usable items in it. I will probably be purchasing at least one item, if I can afford it:)

      3. Haha yes! I’m glad there’s a bit of a wait til it comes out…gives me time to save up haha my Naked Basics palette will have to wait!

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