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MAC Cinderella Collection–in depth sneak peek!

So I know I already did a post about the fact that MAC Cosmetics will be debuting a Cinderella Disney makeup collection next month…with a little further research I found what exactly will be in the collection and possible pricing points as well.

A pressed powder compact called “Mystery Princess” (price–$28)

The six color eyeshadow palette  (that I’m totally in love with) called the ‘Stroke of Midnight Eyeshadow Palette’ (price –$44)

Fluidline eyeliner in the shade “Little Black Bow” (price–$18)

Another Fluidline in “Macroviolet” (price–$18)

Glitter in the color “Reflects Pearl” (Price–$23)

A pressed iridescent powder in the shade “Coupe d’Chic” (price–$28)

Lipglass in the color “Happily Ever After” (price–$17)

Lipglass in the shade “Glass Slipper” (price–$17) I think this is my favorite lipglass in this collection!

Lipstick in the color “Free As A Butterfly” (price–$18)

Lipstick in the shade “Royal Ball” (price–$18)

Studio Eye Gloss in “Lightly Tauped”  (price–$23)

Studio Eye Gloss in the color “Pearl Varnish” (price–$23)

Pigment in the color “Evil Stepmother” (price–$24)

Pigment in the color “Pretty It Up” (price–24)

Studio Fix Lash Mascara in Boldblack (price–$19)

So there you have it! Those are the items that are supposed to be in the new collection. I personally love the neutral colors, and will be saving up for at least one of each item (since there are two of each item, except the mascara and glitter.)

So I hope you guys are looking forward to this collection release! I know I am! (DUH!)

So I promise I won’t be making any more fuss about this until I get my hands on some of the products!

Until next time!

Peace, Love, and Glitter!

❤ XOXO ❤


11 thoughts on “MAC Cinderella Collection–in depth sneak peek!

    1. I don’t really like the packaging either–it makes me feel as though this collection is for a younger targeted audience.

      1. Yeah, even my 4 year old was just asking me why I am looking at Disney. Think I’ll wait to see it in person.

      2. Yeah I think it actually looks a bit cheap…maybe it’s just me. We’ll have to wait to see it in person!

    1. I love the eyeshadow palette too! I know that if I get it, every color will be used! And that’s a rare thing for me to admit!

    1. That would be pretty cool! I think they mainly do Disney themed ones if there is a new Disney Movie coming out….for example, they made a collection for Maleficent last year.

      1. Well I know that beauty and the beast is Disney, but I didn’t know they had a live action version in the works. I failed to say “live action Disney films” in my last comment xP silly me!

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