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Without coffee…

Without my coffee in the morning I am useless, agitated, iritatable, frazzled, and ready to scream until I can ingest some. Coffee is a drug, simply put, at least my reaction to it is similar to a drug addicts reaction to not getting high. Withdrawal. Plain and simple.

IMG_3628 As great tasting as coffee is, I sometimes worry about my dependence on it to make me feel less annoyed and take my headaches away. I worked in a Catholic elementary school for half a year, and I couldn’t start my morning tasks until I had my cup of coffee. In fact, that’s how all of the teachers were. Crabby teacher+coffee=a more relaxed teacher, at least until the coffee worked it’s way out of their system.
I know I should cut back on my coffee intake a little bit, and I sure won’t be drinking decaf, but….oh look! A starbucks!


One thought on “Without coffee…

  1. If it’s a mere matter of headaches and irritability, you’re probably OK. My habit’s been worse than that most of my life. I figure that if I can evacuate in a fire drill before coffee I’m not worried about it. It’s not the same as being addicted to something unhealthy. I love the image BTW.

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