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The end of the Blush Hunt

So I went to CVS to pick up the Milani blush that I have been planning on purchasing. But two things stopped me from making the purchase. The price was three dollars more than it was online, and there were two containers of blush, both labeled with the same numbers and color, but they were most certainly NOT the same shade. One was darker than the other. That kinda freaked me out.

So I headed home, saddened that I was still short some blush. But I stopped at my grocery store to pick up some cream cheese (I swear to you, this story has a point to it) and stopped by the cosmetics aisle. I skimmed the selection of blushes and saw one that I really liked.

Maybelline New Yorks Fit Me Blush in Light Rose.Displaying photo 1.JPGSo I was like “Oh wow! I really like this color! This looks like what I’ve been looking for!” Then I saw that it was only five dollars (not on clearance or anything!) so THEN I was like “YAY ME!” And I said that last line out loud. In the middle of the store. With people stocking shelves right behind me. They stared. I stared back. We all then went right on with our business. I also picked up two Sally Hansen nail polishes that I will be reviewing later on.

Displaying photo 2.JPGI really do like this blush. It may seem pretty intense, but thankfully it isn’t when I put it on. Displaying photo 3.JPGIt adds just the right amount of pink to my cheeks so that I have a healthy pink color that looks nice in the winter.

I hate the brush that came with it. I just use my blush brush that I have. It picks up the color well, it distributes it evenly, and I can blend it with no problems whatsoever. Plus it’s easier to handle than the weird little dinky thing that came with the blush. (I hardly even consider it a brush, if we’re being totally honest.)

So I am very happy with this purchase. I am glad that my search for blush has ended, and will be making a second purchase of this blush when I run out.

If you have ever tried this blush, let me know what you think! I love hearing feedback from my readers!

Until next time,

Peace Love and Glitter!

❤ XOXO ❤


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