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The hot stocking stuffer!

So as you guys all know Christmas is almost here…so it’s time for holiday shopping! I was at Target yesterday and picked up one of their hot beauty items to test out as a possibility for Christmas gifts for my friends.
EOS lipbalm.

IMG_2326.JPG I picked my EOS lipbalm for $2.99, which is kind of a steal since the CVS near my house sells them for $5.99.
So I picked up the pink Strawberry Sorbet flavored lipbalm….it matches my purse exactly. Not even joking. The smell of this little pink sphere is wonderful…it reminds me of ice cream in the summer….I also saw that they had Summer Fruit, Mint, and Blueberry Acai stocked as well.

IMG_2327.JPG I’ll probably go back and pick up another one…as well as a few for my friends for part of their Christmas gifts (if they read this blog post, they won’t be totally surprised by their gifts this year. Keeping a secret was never my strong point. Oh well.)
I was also intrigued by the round sphere shape of the actual lipbalm in the pink casing…I have never seen that in my life, so that was cool.

IMG_2325.JPG I personally think that the EOS lipbalm is one of the hottest stocking stuffers this holiday season. It’s fairly inexpensive, has cute packaging, keeps lip from getting dry during the winter months, and smells fabulous! It’s definitely worth looking into this year when doing your holiday shopping.
Until next time,
Peace, Love, and Glitter!


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