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A taste of luxury–Armani

So a new consignment shop (New Digz Consignments) opened in my town just recently, and they deal in high end clothing an accessories, which is really exciting to me as a fashion blogger, who would like to be caught in some clothes besides Hollister.
So I tried on these Armani pants. They were purple and were as comfy as my favorite pair of sweats. True luxury is comfortable. IMG_2308.JPG

IMG_2309.JPG Please excuse my neon Leavenworth tee shirt. I wasn’t really planning on trying on any clothes, but the idea of being the first person in the shops dressing room was exciting. I love these pants and their silky texture and their shiny look. They also had zippers up the ankle. So cool.
It’s so nice to have a shop nearby where I can find luxury brand clothes.
Until next time!
Peace, love, and glitter!


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