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Fifties Pinup Style= Sheer Awesomeness

I was recently looking at an old family photo album that was filled with photos from the 50s. The styles back then were sooooo feminine; I wish I could go back and steal my grandmas wardrobe. (Time machine travel anyone?) Thankfully for me these styles are becoming more popular again with an edgy twist–cue Rockabilly/pinup clothes! I style my hair sometimes like I fell out of a pinup girl posterbook, and often wish I could be a member of the Pink Ladies from Grease. IMG_1725.JPG (My friends even call me Frenchie sometimes and I just recently caught onto why…)
The styles of the Fifties are downright hot. Not trashy. Just very girly…these clothes were made to show off a woman’s curves with the tight tops and cinched in waists. I’m just loving the modern twist on these styles and can’t wait to try to incorporate them into my daily wardrobe. (I already style my hair with pin curls at least once a week! )



I found a bunch of pinup style clothes at Hot Topic and intend on going back to buy a few pieces:)
So that concludes this short article on Fifties style pinup clothes. I hope you all enjoyed it! Sorry I haven’t posted in a while. My job doesn’t give me much time to compose posts that are complete with photos and everything….but at least I got this post finished!
Until next time.
Peace, Love, and Glitter!



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