New OPI and Essie fall/winter 2014 nail polish collections

I was super excited to see that both OPI and Essie had new nail polish collections out for this fall and winter. I love darker shades this time of the year.
So OPI’s fall/winter collection is called the Nordic Collection, and each polish is aptly named. IMG_1020.JPG
From the top left, the dark brown shade is called ‘How Great is Your Dane?’ The medium chocolate brown is called ‘Ice-Bergers and Fries’ the caramel shade is called ‘Going My Way or Norway?’. Next comes a bronze gold color called ‘OPI With A Nice Finnish’ then comes a steel grey glitter color called ‘My Voice is a Little Norse’ and then there’s a beautiful wine colored red called ‘Thank Glogg it’s Friday’. A dark blue shade called ‘Do You Have This Color In Stock-Holm?’ follows, and then there’s a violet shade called ‘Skating on Thin Iceland’ and finally there’s a dark purple that in some light looks almost black, and it’s called ‘Viking in a Vinter Vonderland’ Thankfully the people at OPI threw in some brighter shades too. The orange shade is called ‘Can’t aFjord Not To’, the pretty sea green is called ‘My Dogsled is a Hybrid’ (that name really cracked me up if we’re being honest) and finally, the adorable bubblegum pink is called ‘Suzi Has A Swede Tooth’. I really love all the colors in this collection, which rarely happens…usually there’s at least one color I don’t like…but not in this case!
I also found the new Essie fall and winter collection which is called “Dress to Kilt” (I’m sensing a Northern European country theme here!) But as soon as I saw the word kilt, a rather obnoxious image popped into my head from the film “Brave”

“Feast yer eyes on THIS!!!” Really Disney? REALLY?? Oh well…
I quickly shook it off and went online to look at the new nail polish collection…it’s a fairly dull bunch of wintery colors that could be found on a kilt, but I like quite a few of these shades.

IMG_1022.JPG I really like the shades ‘Style Cartel’ and ‘Take it Outside’ as well as the main shade ‘Dress to Kilt’
So this year the new fall and winter shades have not disappointed me at all! I’m hoping to get the full sets of each of these collections as soon as I can! If you have any of these shades, let me know what you think of them!
Until next time,
Peace, Love, and Glitter!


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