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Fall Sunday OOTD

So this Sunday was a little different than last Sunday because it was kinda chilly today. That meant only one thing: it was time for me to get out my fall clothes. So I threw this outfit together today before I went out.

IMG_0474.JPG most of these clothing items were from a local thrift shop, except for the red tank and the shoes.

IMG_0478.JPG I love the gray lace skirt. I found it on half off day at the nearby Salvation Army…three dollars was a steal–I has to have it! The red tank was from Target…I love me some Target. The denim jacket was from one of my friends who got tired of it…well that’s her loss!


IMG_0477.JPG The cute necklace was given to me by my BFF. Her dad picked it up under a roller coaster at six flags (he works there and is always finding cute jewelry and sunglasses and stuff.) I like the vintage look of this necklace, and each heart has a word engraved on the back of it: Embrace Life, Gratitude, and Passion. Finally the shoes I have had for years. I think I got them at Kohls when I was thirteen…seriously I have had them forever!!!

IMG_0479.JPG Last but not least, I painted my nails to match my tank top–I used Essie nail polish in the shade Russian Roulette. The rhinestone cross bracelet I got at a shop called Icing.

IMG_0481.JPG An added bonus to this outfit was that my hair decided to cooperate today. Good hair days are the best! So I hope y’all liked this ootd post. Are y’all looking forward to fall weather? I hope so! Let me know what you like about fall! Leave a comment and like this post! Until next time!
Peace, Love, and Glitter!


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