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Tan Vs. Pale–Can there be a happy medium?

I’m all for getting a tan in the summer. Don’t get me wrong.  I think it’s nice to have a golden tan after spending your summer outside, jogging, camping, going to the beach, playing sports… But is it possible to be TOO TAN?

Sure when people go to tanning beds and lie out in the sun without proper sunscreen on they risk skin cancer….but spray on tans can be deadly to a persons reputation. If a person gets too tan then conversation lines such as:OompaLoompa Tancan arise fairly easily from those with no verbal filter….and let’s face it, even when people don’t say it, they are probably thinking it.  But if you get a dark tan naturally, that’s fine, since it will look natural.

It’s when a person gets an unnaturally dark tan that problems can arise.

Dorito tanAn obviously fake tan makes people think of Snooki…which may cause people to prematurely judge a person thinking they’ll start saying rather off the wall stupid comments….oh snooki...(I rest my case. Good one Snooki)

But what about having pale skin? I’m of  northern European descent (Russian/German/Polish to be exact.) I can get a tan, but it’s not really really dark. I also get fairly pale in the winter, but is there a line to how a pale a person should be? I am of the personal belief that there should be a happy medium between being tan and being pale. You shouldn’t be the sort of pale that makes people think you’re a member of the walking dead.miley

 Also, it’s nice to be (a NATURAL) tan in the summer and then (a HEALTHY) pale in the winter…being either shade year-round doesn’t look great.

My final thought on this subject is this: Nice golden tan (not highlighter orange) in the summer and a nice pale color (the kind of pale that show obvious signs of life–a nice rosey glow on your cheeks!) in the winter. These two are the happy medium from being too fake tan, and too deathly pale.


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